There was a time when hair and skin treatments were something that only the supremely affluent could afford. The rich celebrities used to specially go to the United States to get such treatments done. India was still an underdeveloped country back then. Hence, the accessibility of such methods was not possible. However, Dermatology and Natural Hair Transplant Clinic in India presently offers hair and skin treatment services at affordable costs. It has become possible because today, India has progressed quite far in the field of education, medical science and technology. India produces one of the best doctors in the world. Parallelly, the number of highly qualified and experienced surgeons, trichologists and dermatologists have also increased making aesthetic treatments vastly approachable and within reach at modest prices.

Affordable Aesthetic Treatments in India

The pre-conceived notions of only celebs needing such procedures and the procedures being enormously expensive are two of the reasons why the common man refrains from considering skin and hair treatments. In the 21st century, beauty and brains hold equal value in every field of society. A bald patch on the scalp or an acne-prone skin matters as much to a celebrity as to a normal person. Moreover, this new age world has brought with itself new age problems like pollution, unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits which has made such problems all the more common than ever before.

Dermatology and Natural Hair Transplant Clinic in India

Kabera Global understands the value of aesthetic beauty and works towards bringing it to you at the most genuine and optimum cost. We provide reasonable and affordable hair transplant procedure, PRP therapy, mesotherapy, laser hair reduction and skin rejuvenation treatments. You can also avail additional discount when you opt for our specially designed packages to give you the best value for your money. Our already competitive prices get even more lucrative when you choose these combinations of treatments to enhance your overall appearance.

Free Consultation And Hair Analysis

Avail free consultation with our experts at any of our 21+ clinics all over the country. We have a team of skin and hair specialists dedicated to giving you the best quality service. If you are still conscious of your household budget, then we have an amazing solution for you. The comfortable EMI facility at Natural hair transplant clinic will ensure you are only left with luscious locks and smooth skin instead of budget woes. You can conveniently pay flexible monthly installments at no cost EMI. Zero foreclosure-charges increase the affordability factor of the treatment.

Other than that, you can avail discounts and offers provided by your local bank on debit and credit cards as we offer multiple payment options. Now that you know which is the best clinic to get skin rejuvenation and hair transplants at an affordable cost, contact us to know everything about graft cost, special discounts, packages, treatment prices and other such questions.

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