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There are several pre-conceived notions attached to aesthetic treatments. As appearance and looks are a very sensitive matter for everyone, one gets hesitant to try such treatments due to safety and reliability concerns. Kabera Global Dermatology And Natural Hair Transplant Clinic in India has a team of expert surgeons. They have years of experience in the field of medical science who seek to provide services of extraordinary quality.
Here, we will try to bust a few popular myths related to hair and skin treatments.

#1 Hair Transplants Require Lifelong Maintenance.

It is often thought that medications and special maintenance is required throughout life after transplant treatment. However, general painkillers, disinfectant spray and anti-inflammatory medicines are prescribed for only a few weeks after the surgery. The transplanted hair grow just like natural hair and require no extra care than you normally would.

#2 FUE Hair Transplant Surgery Is Painful.

Local anesthesia is administered before the surgery and painkillers are prescribed after the treatment making the whole procedure virtually painless. No sutures are involved in FUE hair transplant making it even more convenient.

#3 Hair Transplant Will Leave Ugly Scars.

While FUT used to leave ugly scars on the donor area, FUE transplant uses innovative micro needling technology which makes punches which are not visible to the human eye. Hence, the patient can conveniently keep short hair as virtually no scarring occurs.

#4 Someone Else’s Hair Can Be Used As Donor Hair.

FUE transplant surgery can only be done if healthy donor hair are present on the scalp of the patient. Someone else’s follicles cannot be used as it could lead to rejection of implants or allergic reaction. Patients without any donor hair are advised by our trichologists to opt for cosmetic hair fusion.

#5 Chemical Peels Are Safe To Do At Home Or Spa.

Procedures like chemical peels should only be done under the expert guidance of a dermatologist. Peels done at home or spa center can possibly cause permanent damage to the skin. Chemical peels if done incorrectly are abrasive on the skin.

#6 PRP Therapy Is Unsafe For People Below 25 Years Of Age.

Unlike the hair transplant procedure, PRP therapy can be performed on any person of age above 18 years of age without any risk. It is a safe and minimally invasive technique to regain lost locks.

#7 Laser Hair Removal Causes Cancer.

The laser used for laser hair removal is completely safe. It produces just enough heat so as to destroy the follicle without any damage to the surrounding skin. Any relation of laser treatment with cancer is never reported.

#8 PRP Therapy Session Takes A Long Time.

One PRP therapy session takes 1 to 2 hours and does not require staying the night at the clinic. It is minimally invasive and requires only injecting the processed blood of the patient. The patient can do their regular work right after the treatment.

Kabera Global works towards providing utmost comfort and care to its clients. Our hygienic clinics and sanitized environment eliminate any risk of infections. Hence, all the treatments available at the natural hair transplant clinic in India are safe and risk-free. We also have a team dedicated to follow-up on you after the surgery to keep up to date with your health and recovery status. Your safety is a primary concern for us. Our clinics are in more than 21 cities all around the country. Get affordable and natural treatments in a clinic near you and avail free consultation with our experts both online and offline.

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